Moving Day [potm]

Shane Koyczan
Spoken Word
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Shane Koyczan, award winning poet, author and performer, reciting his poem “Moving Day”.

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Moving Day

There are so many flights of stairs
that lead up toward your heart
I get breathless just thinking about having to climb them all

others in the lobby
are waiting for you to install an elevator

they argue about their place in line
all insisting they were first

my luggage hits the first step

beneath me
the noise blooms
like a clumsy flower
and they all turn their heads toward me

for a moment
they are silent

and then

laughter stampedes from their lungs
the instant they recognize
my preposterously imminent failure

they are certain
I won’t succeed

and perhaps I won’t

but I can find no good reason to tell them
that none of what they are carrying
will fit with them in that elevator
they are all waiting for

so I save my breath

and listen to the next flower
loudly take its place in the bouquet
as I pull the heavy luggage of my heart
up the next step

toward yours.