“Shane Koyczan is at the heart of a Category Five creative hurricane
–The Vancouver Sun


US Tour cancellation notice…

“There are plenty of things I don’t like doing… giving puppies back to their rightful owners… wasting helium on balloons (there’s only so much of it and it’s been useful in making medical and scientific breakthroughs… but balloons are kind of fun so I don’t lose my mind over it… I’m just saying) but there are few things that I actually loathe doing. Today it so happens that I am loathe to report that I must cancel my upcoming US tour. My medical situation is more dire than initially believed,, and I have to make that a priority right now. Traveling outside of Canada at this time would be too great a risk. I am so sorry to have disappointed any of you out there. We are currently working to reschedule for March 2017… the tour will happen… right now I’m just working on being healthy. My apologies.”